Beckson Lacing Hook and Eye Strap


Keeping everything in place and accessible is crucial for kayakers and canoeists running through whitewater.  Beckson Marines lacing hook and eye straps allow boaters to customize their storage needs - whether shooting rapids, navigating through rough weather or just breezing along.

Kayakers can stow a spare paddle, pump and recovery equipment within easy reach.  When used with netting or shock cords, lacing hardware keeps gear lashed securely to a kayak's front or rear deck.

On larger vessels, users can safely stow boat hooks, long-handled brushes and other necessities out of sight, but have them remain within easy reach.  Beckson hook and eye hardware and some netting can create handy pockets for storing flashlights, logs and other small items.  On sailboats, the lacing hook and eye straps can even handle light rigging and furling duties.  The hooks can also be used for hanging swimsuits and similar lightweight articles.

Made of high-grade nylon, Beckson lacing hook and eye straps do not deteriorate or stain surfaces, as metal parts can.  The 1" tall Model BK-02 hook accommodates cord up to 1/4" in diameter.  Two eye strap models provide installation options.  Model BKT-04-C has a countersunk mounting hole.  Model BKT-04-S has a flat surface for pop rivets. 

Color is black.  Custom colors are available in quantity purchases.

Eye Hook and lacing Straps
BKT-02  1/4" Lacing Hook
Length = 1.0" Height = .65"
BKT-04-C Eye Strap
Counter Sunk Fasteners
Length = 1.9" Height = .675" Fastener spacing 1.4"
BKT-04-S Eye Strap
Flush Fasteners
Length = 1.9" Height = .675" Fastener spacing 1.4"