Beckson Opening Port Component Parts

Anatomy of a Beckson Port

 Port Size(***)

Screen OD

Inside Frame(hole cut)

 Outside Frame Lens OD
 310 2-15/16 x 10-1/4 3-1/2 x 10-3/8 5-1/2 x 12-3/8 3-9/16 x 11
 512 5-1/4 x 12-1/2  5-1/2 x 12-1/2 7-3/4 x 14-5/8 5-3/4 x 13
414 4-3/16 x 14-7/16 4-1/2 x 14-1/2 6-3/4 x 16-3/4 4-3/4 x 14-7/8
714 7-5/16 x 14-7/16 7-1/2 x 14-3/8 9-3/4 x 16-3/4 7-7/8 x 15-1/8
410  4-3/16 x 10-7/16 4-1/2 x 10-1/2  6-3/4 x 12-3/4 4-3/4 x 10-7/8
8RD 7-15/16 (round) 8-1/2 (round) 10-3/4 (round) 8-1/2 (round)

If you are unable to locate component parts locally, on the web or through one of the marine chain stores / catalog houses then you can order them here.   We offer a selection of component parts, over run inventory and featured products. Component parts can be ordered for any Beckson Opening Port we ever made except special OEM colors.  We name the component parts by the port size. Use the chart above to determine your port size. (Use port size in place of ***)

Pre-82 Lens Installations

Pre82 frame on bottum.

In 1982 we made a change to the frame that required a change to the lens.  We can still provide lenses for any year port.  

The top lens hinge is manufactured after 1982.  The outer posts measure .31 inches and the center post measures .25 inches.

The bottom hinge was manufactured up to 1982.  All three posts measure .26 inches.

In most pre-82 installations, you may have a wing nut and washers.  There may also be webbing to the outside of the hinge at a 45 degree angle.

Click on picture for larger image.

A note on Backup Rings

The backup ring is only used if you do not have a screen in the port. We install the backup ring when we ship the ports to the OEM’s to help them install the port. It provides backing for the gasket so the lens seals properly. They should remove the backup ring and install the screen. If you have both in, please discard the backing ring.
Beckson lens Image To order Lens order part number LNZ-*** and specify color. Lens colors are Clear, Smoked (green tint). If the production date of your boat is pre 1982, order the Pre-82 lens.  Each lens comes with two bolts and nuts.
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Gaskets, Screens and Trim Rings

Old and New Gaskets You sent me the wrong gaskets !!!

We hear that often.  The gasket you took out of your port is flat like the gasket on the bottom.  The one we sent you is round and shaped funny.  All gaskets start out like this.  It's a matter of feeding the leg of the gasket into the groove in the frame.

Click on picture for larger image.

BecksonTraimRind and Gaskets Image

To order Gaskets order part number GK-*** . Order Link
Gasket Installation Instructions.

To order Screens order part number SCR-***. Order Link

To order Trim Rings for Self Drain ports order part number PTR-*** and specify color. To order Trim Rings for Rain Drain ports order part number PTRD*** and specify color. Trim Rings are available in White, Black.  All Beckson trim rings come undrilled.

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Beckson Rain Drain Body Body and Spigot Styles
Beckson Self Drain Body
Rain Drain Self Drain

Cam Latches and Knobs

Cam Latches and Knobs for Beckson Opening ports are available with or without stainless hardware.
Packed in pairs. See Latches for more information. 

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 Color  Cams Cams with Hardware  Knobs Knobs with Hardware

Cams can be ordered to replace knobs. Detailed instructions come with the cams and can be found at Cam Latch Retrofit information sheet.

Frames can be special ordered. The spigots can be cut or extended to the proper depth. Contact us for assistance.

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