Beckson Port Latches and Closures

Cam Latches
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Beckson Cam Latch

Stronger than knobs or levers.
Cam latches enable the port to be opened and closed with a flip. Cam latches are self-lubricating, non-fouling, anti-vibrational, positive closures the adjust in increments of 90 degrees. NOTE: Cam latches are available to retrofit your older Beckson Ports and fit many other manufactures' opening ports. For further information see the Cam Latch Retrofit information sheet. Patented.  Click on Model To Order.

Cams Only. These fit 1/4-20 toggles.
Beckson PRK-W, PRK-B
Model# Description
PRK-B Cam latch only,Black,pair
PRK-W Cam latch only,White,pair
Cam latch Assembly. These include port frame pins and 1/4-20 toggles.
Beckson PRKAW
Model# Description
PRKAB Complete assembly, Black,pair
PRKAW Complete assembly,White,pair

Retro-Fit Non-Beckson ports with Beckson Cams
These are tapped to fit other manufactures 5/16-18 toggles.

Model# Description
PRK-B312 Cam latch only, Black,pair
PRK-W312 Cam latch only,White,pair

Safety Twist Knobs

Safety Twist Knobs.
We still make them, just for the traditionalist. Beckson Twist knobs utilize a stainless steel hex nut molded in place. This design eliminates "free-spinning." The hex nut accepts bolts 1/4" in diameter with 20 threads per inch.  Click on Model To Order.

Not Just For Ports, Of Course.
Replace broken or missing knobs on roof racks for skis, Bimini tops, barbecues or any application. Assemblies include port frame pins and 1/4-20 toggles.

Beckson PRT-B, PRT-W
Model# Description Model# Description
PRT-B 1/4-20 with black knob PRTAB 1/4-20 black assembly
PRT-W 1/4-20 with white knob PRTAW 1/4-20 white assembly

Twist Bolts

Beckson twist bolts are available with a threaded stud molded in place. The stainless steel stud extends 1/2" (13 mm) from the knob base. Generously sized knobs and durable materials provide easy, trouble-free service. Replace broken and missing knobs.  Click on Model To Order.

Beckson PRT-2B
Model# Description
PRT-2B 1/4-20 with black knob
PRT-CB 5/16-18 with black knob

Swell Cams

This unique compression latch secures in virtually any frame, rail and stanchion. Manufactured of non-corroding marine materials, it can be installed in fiberglass, wood, plastic and metal. Perfect for deck gates, lockers, interior latches, engine covers, sun decks, fillet boards and more. Installs quickly and easily. Hole Cut 5/8" I.D. Click on Model To Order.

Beckson SWK-B, SWK-W
Model# Color
SWK-B Black
SWK-W White

Beckson Swell Cam